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vhf K Model

vhf K and S Model CAD/CAM Systems just got an upgrade!

Can tools impact the performance of your vhf system? Well, in the same way that better tires can improve the performance of a sports car, the exceptional quality of DATRON tools can help you get the most out of your vhf K Model.  These tools were designed specifically for vhf systems taking into account the different tool sensors on those machines. All of these tools are manufactured using the industry’s highest grade of carbide and state-of-the-art grinding machines to produce superior cutting surfaces and tools that are exceptionally durable.

K Model – For the vhf K Model, we have a series of carbide tools that work effectively with this machine’s touch probe sensor. While this type of electro-conductive sensor precludes the use of diamond coating, we do offer a thin, smooth electro-conductive DLC coating which extends tool life.

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