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Join imes-icore users worldwide who are switching to DATRON tools!

Worldwide, more and more imes-icore users are switching to DATRON tools for milling both hard and soft materials. That’s because these tools allow them to get the most out of their imes-icore system in terms of milling quality. Limit stop rings on these tools allow the machine to pick up and measure the tools to the proper cutting length ensuring superior results.

Durability = Savings!

Most labs and milling centers know that buying “cheap” often costs them more in the long run. Cheap tools break or wear quickly.  DATRON tools don’t!  DATRON tools are made of premium, ultra-fine grain carbides, so you get exceptionally long life for added cost savings. 

These tools require the use of limit stop rings. For tools with a 3mm shank limit stop ring #0068000 is required. For tools with a 6mm shank limit stop ring #0068002 is required.

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Zirconia (ZrO2)

Titanium / CoCr

PMMA / Wax


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