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Dental Milling Tools

Longest lasting tools in the industry!

DATRON has developed and supplied carbide tools of the highest quality for 20+ years. Our tools are known for their exceptionally long life due to the quality of carbide used to make them – we use only the highest grade of ultra-fine grain carbide. Further increases in durability are the result of our innovative tool coatings.

“Prior to using DATRON tools, I was getting 30 units using a 1mm and 2mm carbide tool on my DWX-51D. We now get over 220 units using the DATRON tools AND they are less expensive! DATRON’s tools perform as advertised and the support is outstanding…truly a superior product at a better price.”
- James Grady, General Manager of Grady Dental Lab and President of NCDLA

“With DATRON diamond carbide milling tools our production numbers are currently better than all the other tools that we’ve tried on the market thus far. Since installing them into our machine in early April, we’ve seen a significant drop in chipped margins in addition to seeing a smoother finish longer into the life of the tools. DATRON has a strong and long lasting tool.”
- Tom Brainsky, Bonifate Dental Lab

Our value proposition is YOUR Return on Investment!

Most labs and milling centers know that buying “cheap” often costs them more in the long run. Cheap tools break or wear quickly.  DATRON tools don’t!  But, it’s not just a case of “durability” where DATRON tools shine … you can expect higher precision and superior surface quality on milled indications. That’s because our tools are made on the world’s most modern, fully-automatic grinding machines. Plus, we perform continuous tests and quality checks on our in-house milling machines to guarantee the exceptional quality and performance of our tools.

Due to the use of premium, ultra-fine grain carbides, you get particularly long durability from DATRON tools. Tool life is extended even further through the use of innovative coatings. These dental milling tools are made on the most modern fully-automatic grinding machines for consistent high quality.

  • Made with premium, ultra-fine-grain carbide
  • State-of-the-art coatings for extraordinary durability 
  • For all common dental milling machines and materials 
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Tools can be purchased individually

Zirconium mill

For milling unbaked high-performance ceramics, such as Zirconium and Aluminium Oxide

DATRON dental ball-nose end mills feature a special cutting geometry. This guarantees superior surface quality. A highly abrasion-resistant diamond coating (optional) results in a very long tool life, even when milling highly abrasive materials.

CoCr / Titanium mill

For milling CoCr steel, pure titanium and titanium alloys

The cutting geometry of this milling tool has been specifically designed for the high demands of hard-to-cut milling materials. The standard XTH low-friction coating reduces the heat and cutting forces at the cutting edges. This significantly contributes to a longer service life.

PMMA / wax mill

For milling acrylic polymer and wax blanks

Particularly when milling soft materials, the polished flutes of this milling tool provide burr-free and clean milling results. Ample chip space guarantees efficient chip removal.

Nanocomposite mill

For milling fiber-reinforced material

The special cutting geometry of the novel XTS-coating allows an extraordinary long-life advantage compared to existing tools.