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DATRON Dental Milling Tools

Longest lasting tools in the industry!

DATRON has developed and supplied carbide tools of the highest quality for 20+ years. Our tools are known for their exceptionally long life due to the quality of carbide used to make them – we use only the highest grade of ultra-fine grain carbide. Further increases in durability are the result of our innovative tool coatings.

Our value proposition is YOUR Return on Investment!

Most labs and milling centers know that buying “cheap” often costs them more in the long run. Cheap tools break or wear quickly.  DATRON tools don’t!  But, it’s not just a case of “durability” where DATRON tools shine … you can expect higher precision and superior surface quality on milled indications. That’s because our tools are made on the world’s most modern, fully-automatic grinding machines. Plus, we perform continuous tests and quality checks on our in-house milling machines to guarantee the exceptional quality and performance of our tools.

These tools are designed for use with DATRON’s award-winning D5 dental mill and are also compatible with many other CAD/CAM systems including DMG, imes-icore, Laserdenta, Mikron, MB, Primacon, Röders, Wieland, Wissner and other systems.

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