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DATRON Coatings - Harder Than Steel

Coatings for dental milling burs that add to their durability and exceptionally long life

Longest lasting tools in the industry!

DATRON has exclusive proprietary dental tool coatings that are unique to the industry. These improve the performance and lifespan of the tools to maximize milling quality and cost effectiveness.

Diamond Coating
Superior hardness and chemical resistance


The unique properties of multi-layer diamond-coatings offer significant performance potentials which are ideal for machining highly abrasive materials such as zirconium oxide. The combination of a hardness of over 10,000 HV and a coefficient of friction of 0.15 guarantees long durability.

DLC Coating
High hardness and coating adhesion

With the DLC coating, an alternative for zirconium machining, characterized by high thermal stability and superior wear resistance, in addition to its high hardness and coating adhesion, has been developed. The particularly thin and smooth layer allows sharp cutting edges and thus guarantees best cutting quality. Very good adhesion and high density round up the material properties of this innovative coating.

Hardness and high coating adhesion

Hardness, oxidation resistance and thermal stability of BALINIT® X.CEED were optimized for use in hard and high speed machining. Even in case of very hard and difficult to machine materials such as CoCr and titanium.

The all-rounder

Excellent wear resistance, thermal shock resistance and hot hardness: these are the these are the qualities that have been modified significantly in order to improve the proven BALINIT® ALCRONA coating still more. The performance profile of the new layer is increased significantly by optimizing process parameters and modifying the layer structure. BALINIT® ALCRONA is the new all-rounder in machining.