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Coated 1.50mm tool with 6mm Shank - Part # 00782615

Coated 1.50mm tool with 6mm Shank - Part # 00782615

$ 54.48

1.5mm Ball Nose End Mill with 6mm Shank for Cobalt Chrome and Titanium (BALINIT® X.CEED Coated).

Specifications: 6mm Shank, Long Neck D1 = 1.50mm / D2 = 6.00mm / D3 = 1.45mm / L1 = 50.00mm / L2 = 4.00mm / L3 = 12.00mm / R = 0.75mm.

Details: Ball nose 180° with two flutes and a high coating hardness that is ideal for hardened or difficult to machine materials and parts such as caps, crowns (anatomic, anatomically reduced), bridges, bars, individual abutments, screw-retained applications and 3D free-form surfaces.

Compatible with: DATRON, imes-icore, Laserdenta, Mikron, MB, Primacon, Röders, Roland, Wieland, Wissner and other CAD/CAM systems.

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